Alex Ovechkin Had the Wildest Weekend EVER Celebrating the Capitals’ Stanley Cup Win

The boob-flashing superfan was only the beginning.

Getty Images

Alex Ovechkin has waited a long time to win the Stanley Cup. After finally doing it in Las Vegas on Thursday night, the Washington Capitals superstar didn’t let the trophy leave his side this weekend. Except when he went to get another beer.

Ovechkin’s wild weekend started early Saturday when he threw out the first pitch at a Nationals game. Then he threw out a second pitch.

From there, Ovechkin and his teammates proceeding upstairs to get drunk in a luxury box. 

After the Nats game, the Caps carted the cup to Georgetown, where things got really wild. 

There was a keg stand out of the cup. 

Then it was time for a dip in front of hundreds of screaming, and filming, fans.

Next up was dinner. Ovechkin, the cup, and a handful of teammates hit Cafe MIlano in Georgetown for dinner.

While some of his more mature teammates were eating, 23-year-old Caps forward André Burakovsky commemorated the championship in permanent ink.

As the evening wore on, Cafe Milano could no longer hold the Caps. So they took to the restaurant’s roof and hoisted the cup high into the night sky.

As the night turned into early morning, some of the Caps hit the club. But Ovechkin, the team grandpa at 32 years old, returned home for some shut eye. But he didn’t loosen his grip on the cup. 

Good to see the Caps making their time with the cup count. According to NHL policy, each championship team gets 100 days of ownership of the cup. Then it gets to rest until the next year with the new champs get to go wild with it in tow.