Alexander Volkov Destroyed Fabricio Werdum With a Surprise Knockout at UFC London

“I am here for the belt.”

Didn’t see that coming. Well, if you were watching the match from the beginning you didn’t. The UFC London bout between Russian Alexander Volkov and Fabricio Werdum seemed like a walk in the park for Werdum—until it wasn’t

Volkov was apparently biding his time during rounds 1-3. Werdum looked like he was running away with it. Then came round 4 and the shocking comeback.

Volkov vs. Werdum UFC London
Alexander Volkov; Fabricio Werdum

Werdum really looked like he would make short work of his opponent, unleashing some ferocious kicks and powerful blows, fully in control. The match was the one-time heavyweight champ’s to lose.

Maybe Werdum was worn out in the fourth round. Maybe his attention lagged from overconfidence. Whatever the case, Volkov turned it around in less than two minutes. He took Werdum to the mat then gave a lesson in proper grounding and pounding. 

Werdum struggled out of it but Volkov was ready with a powerhouse combination that floored Werdum—and, obviously, ended the match with prejudice.

Here’s how close it was—judges favored Werdum by a point (29-28) right up to the fourth round. 

Volkov was 30-6 walking in. Even though he’s been on a winning streak, the odds were still in Werdum’s favor. Now Volkov is undefeated in the UFC and he’s feeling it, channeling Ivan Drago from Rocky IV after the match with this straightforward statement: “I am here for the belt.”

Speaking to reporters after the fight, Volkov made it clear he was a man on a mission. He wants to take on whoever wins the heavyweight championship bout between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier. He even knows where he wants to fight the winner, telling reporters he would “be happy if it happens in September or maybe in autumn in Russia—for the first event in Russia.”

“If the UFC gives me this,” Volkov said, “I’ll be really happy.”

Volkov doesn’t even care who wins Miocic vs. Cormier. He said he’d “be waiting for the stronger guy.” He went on to say that it would be “okay” for him to defeat his opponent with his striking ability. “I work with wrestling and jiu-jitsu a lot,” Volkov said, “but I prefer to use my striking.”

Nobody knows that better than Fabricio Werdum today.