Amanda Nunes Is Already Talking Major Trash About Ronda Rousey

“She’s a weak person—she showed it after her loss.”

Getty Images

Amanda Nunes’ fight against Ronda Rousey is still more than two months away, but the UFC women’s bantamweight champ is wasting no time talking shit.

A week after the announcement that she would defend her title against Rousey at UFC 207, Nunes is already talking about rematch. As in, a rematch of the fight that she’s already decided she will win. “I’ll beat her and give her a rematch right after that if she wants,” Nunes recently told MMA Junkie.

The line came at the end of a long, compliment-filled statement about Rousey. Nunes may think she’s going to destory Rousey, but she respects what she’s done for the sport. But does she respect her as a person?

It’s hard to imagine she does based on what she recently told Combate: “She surely has a weak mind. She’s a weak person, she showed it after her loss. But I don’t care, I’ll still act like I’m facing the best Ronda ever.”

Nunes may not have much experience as a UFC champ, but she’s clearly ready to take on the trash talking responsibilities that  come with holding a title. And this is just the warm up. In the next couple months both she and Rousey will do the talk show circuit, give tons of interviews and be relied on to hype their fight more than it already is. Nunes is off to a good start. Now, let’s all eagerly await Rousey’s response.


Adam K. Raymond