New Clips From HBO’s ‘Andre the Giant’ Doc Reveal His Dominance Over Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger

He was a BEAST.

Anticipation for HBO’s long-awaited Andre the Giant documentary has been building for months. Tonight, it finally arrives. 

Ahead of the premiere, HBO has posted a handful of clips on YouTube, including some that reinforce something we’ve all known for decades: Andre Roussimoff was a physical powerhouse

The first clip is a story that was left on the cutting room floor. In this 60-second deleted scene, Hulk Hogan recalls a time when he thought he was a hot shot and brought a comely young flight attendant with him to a match.

He put her in the front row so he could show off. Instead, Andre embarrassed him. “Not only did he carry me around like a stork… he put my head down on the bottom rope and tied me around the bottom rope right in front of her.”

“I learned my lesson. No more girls at the matches. I’m here to have a match, tell a story, protect Andre’s body, not hurt him, not show off to some girl and show her how hard I could beat on a giant,” the Hulkster says.

In another scene posted on YouTube, Arnold Schwarzenegger recalls a dinner with Andre where the two mammoth men both insisted on paying. 

“He grabs me out of the chair,” says Schwarzenegger, who’s 6’2″ and roughly 250 pounds. “And he holds me up and then he puts up on a piece of furniture, on an armoire. He just set me up there like a little doll. This just shows you how strong he was.”

In the doc, you’ll also learn how Andre used to torment wrestling legends Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Big John Studd; he hated them and would beat them up in the ring just to be a jerk.

HBO’s also teasing the doc with some video that show Andre’s softer side. Here’s a two minute clip of Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal and Robin Wright talking about what a sensitive and gentle giant Andre was while filming The Princess Bride.

The documentary, which was executive produced by Bill Simmons, premieres tonight at 10p.m.