Angry Philly Fan Completely Loses It, Flips Off Russell Westbrook

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The Oklahoma City Thunder’s star point guard Russell Westbrook made a solid showing last night as he helped lead his team to a tight 103-97 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Not everyone was stoked about his performance. More specifically, one red-faced Philly fan who had an outrageous reaction to Westbrook scoring a cool layup on his beloved team. 

On camera, the guy proceeded to stand right in Westbrook’s line of sight and flip him the double bird. He accompanied his performance with loudly shouting, “Fuck you!”

As you can see in the video, Westbrook glanced at the ref. He reportedly asked, “Can he do that?”

The answer was no, he most certainly can’t. The man was promptly escorted out of the arena midway through the first quarter.

Too bad, we would have liked to see what how this guy reacted to the 76ers loss.  

h/t The Big Lead