This Company In Argentina Says NBA Loudmouth Dad LaVar Ball's Big Baller Copied Their Brand Name

Think they have a case?
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A company based in Argentina which has been around for years made a bold claim Friday against LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand. In the Instagram post above first noted by Uproxx Sports, Baller Brand called out rising NBA star Lonzo Ball's famously rude dad and the business name they use in selling their insanely-priced shoes

Here's the English photo caption (minus emoji), which Uproxx noted was the company's first English-language Insta since they began the account in late 2014:

Attention‼️ @Lavar @Zo @Melo @Gelo @bigballerbrand are a thief‼️ He stole our brand name a few years ago and added "Big" to his brand name. We are an Argentinian🇦🇷 Brand stablished in 2006, this guy who wasn't creative enough to create his own brand name just took ours. Share it to show the world who is the original @ballerbrand...In Ball We Trust.

As Uproxx pointed out, this seems to be evidence that this is the first time this company—which apparently has real-world outlet in Buenos Aires—has caught onto the apparent similarities between their look and what they market and the Ball family's merch. 

The Argentinian company isn't a high-dollar outfit, as Uproxx described when writing that their "website isn’t nearly as slick as Big Baller Brand’s, and they haven’t even bothered to fill out the 'about us' section of their online store platform." It's easy to predict that LaVar Ball might dismiss the similarities and say they're trying to cash in somehow.

Still, the South American outlet has been around for years, so they could say that's plenty of time for someone to notice and then figure no one will care if a much more high-profile company steals some aspect of their style. 

The chances are this will go nowhere in general, but we know any public response from LaVar Ball is likely to be painfully quotable, so there's that.

h/t Uproxx

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