Ex-NFL Running Back Arian Foster is Convinced He Could Beat Up a Wolf in a Fight

The four-time Pro Bowler describes how he would eff up a freakin’ wolf in a man vs. beast battle. Who you got?

foster wolf

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What does a former NFL superstar do once he retires? If he’s Arian Foster, he dedicates far too much time to researching what would happen if he fought a wolf. And also, if he’s Arian Foster, he decides he would win. 

The former Texans and Dolphins running back spent four hours on Sunday tweeting about this subject and responding to those who think he’s nuts. 

Foster’s argument relies primarily on his thumbs. Wolves don’t have them. People do.

But it’s not just the “thumb thing” that would give Foster a potential advantage. Wolves, as he notes, know dick about human biology. 

If you’re still not convince that Foster, a 6’1″, 225-pound athlete, could take down the wolf, here’s the argument that will convince you. Know any wolves with four Pro Bowls?