This Fierce and Foxy Five-Footer Is the Shortest Person Ever to Scale the ‘Ninja Warrior’ Warped Wall

She’s a pint-sized powerhouse.

Everyone loves an underdog story, and the odds were stacked high against Barclay Stockett, a 5’0″ Ninja Warrior contestant from Texas.

Despite her minuscule stature, Stockett, who is 23 years old and 112 pounds of muscle, was able to scale the dreaded “Warped Wall” during the San Antonio Finals.

For the unfamiliar, the “Warped Wall” is a steep quarter pipe that contestants must run upwards in hopes of reaching the top.

For many, it’s the end of their Ninja Warrior dreams, but not for Stockett, who dashed to the top with less effort that someone twice her size.

That Herculean feat qualified her for finals, which will air on NBC on Sept. 4.

Stockett told the New York Post she was inspired to join the show after seeing video of Kacy Catanzaro, the first woman to make it to the show’s finals.

“None of the other sports I tried felt like the perfect fit for me until I saw Kacy get up the wall,” she said.

Now, she hopes to inspire others as Kacy did for her.

“I never really had a female athlete to look up to as a kid. So I’m hoping I can be that for girls and boys — and short people, too.”