Bengals QB Joe Burrow Claims He Would Score 12-15 PPG In The NBA—Watch His Hoops Skills In Action

See the Super Bowl-bound quarterback sink buckets like a boss in viral videos.

(Getty Images)

Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals will face off against the favored Los Angeles Rams at the Super Bowl–but that hasn’t stopped him from speculating how his athletic skills would fare in the NBA.

Burrow, 25, was a Heisman Trophy winner at LSU and the top overall selection in the 2020 NFL draft. He was also the league’s second-rated passer during the regular season, behind only the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, and led the Bengals to the AFC title.

He’s got plenty of swag and confidence–from dressing like a 1990s-era The Rock to speculating on how he’d fare in an actual NBA game. Bleacher Report host Taylor Rooks recently took to Twitter to share Burrow’s opinion of how he’d fare in the NBA, per Bro Bible.

Joe Burrow told me if he went into an NBA game he could get at least 12-15 points (with a straight face) and I knew he was gonna be great because that is just irrational confidence.

Barstool Sports even rounded up some videos of Burrow shooting hoops, and while he may not be NBA-level, he’s definitely got some skills.

For his postgame videoconference Sunday, he wore a large “JB9” chain decorated with jewels. When he was asked whether the jewels were real, he said: “They’re definitely real. I make too much money to have fake ones. So they’re real.”

Burrow also said his newfound fame is drawing the attention of prominent musical artists and NBA legends.

“It’s just crazy,” Burrow said Sunday, per the Washington Post. “The situation that I’m in socially doesn’t really feel real to me because in my head, I’m just the same old guy. But one of my idols growing up, Kid Cudi, reached out to me yesterday.

“You’ve got LeBron [James] tweeting at me, or whatever he said it was. I mean, that part is surreal. The football part, not so much. But that stuff — that stuff is crazy.”