The Big Show Once Crapped His Pants in the Ring, and He’s Not Ashamed To Tell the Tale

“It happened in South Africa. The food was bad.”

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When you’re as big, mean and rich as WWE superstar The Big Show, you don’t walk through life with the same capacity for shame as other people. At least, that’s the lesson we’re taking away from this clip of Show talking about shitting his pants.

“It happened in South Africa when I was wrestling Brock Lesnar. The food was bad” he said while appearing on the Sam Roberts’ “Wrestling Podcast.” As he recalls, Lesnar hit him with two German suplexes and a belly-to-belly suplex. And then, SPLAT.

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“Brock started laughing. He goes, ‘Huh, huh, huh, did you poop yourself,’ but he didn’t say poop,” Show recalls. “I said, ‘Yeah, asshole. Can I get an F5 and get the hell out of here?'”

It’s a surprisingly positive story, all things considered. Lesnar, who would have been justified if he freaked out on Show, just laughed. “Brock thought it was hysterical,” Show said.

Then Paul Heyman, who Show was supposed to carry out of the ring, reacted more like a concerned mother than a disgusted peer. “Are you OK?” Show remembered him asking.

Lastly, the giant he was saved from public humiliation by the long leather pants he was wearing, which made sure that everything he released stayed hidden from public view.

Of course, there was eventually a downside. There always is when you shit your pants.  

“The only part that sucked was standing out in the back of the arena with a hose trying to wash that stuff off,” he said. “It’s not like I can go down to the store and buy some new gear. I had to rinse it out to get it clean. A lot of stuff we do takes all the glamour out of being a WWE superstar.”