Bill Belichick Really, Really Hates His Surface Tablet

And he’s not shy about expressing it.

Bill Belichick isn't a big technology fan (Photo: Getty Images/Christian Petersen)

In a 5 1/2-minute press conference-ending rant on Tuesday, New England head coach (and new grandpappy) Bill Belichick proclaimed he’s completely fed up because there “just isn’t enough consistency in the performance.” In this case, he wasn’t talking about his 5-1 Patriots, but rather the technology he suffers through using on the sidelines.

His disdain appears particularly strong for the Surface Pro 4 tablets that Microsoft happily supplies as part of an $80 million sponsorship deal. (Note the GIF below of Belichick losing it on one.)

Because the NFL owns the tech equipment and just lends it to the teams a few hours before each kickoff, they don’t have a ton of time to test it out and make sure all the features are working for game time. And during the game, there’s even less time to figure out what tech snafus are snafuing.

Especially given all the pressure and other variables head coaches have to deal with, his gadget frustration is totally understandable. But as TechCrunch reported, both Microsoft and the NFL were quick to defend the proficiency and reliability of the tablets, citing that “many factors can affect the performance of a particular technology either related to or outside of our partner’s solutions.”

And another $900 tablet bites the dust (Photo: National Football League)
And another $900 tablet bites the dust (Photo: National Football League)

So it’s unclear whether another brand or model of tablet computer would be safe from Belichick’s uncharacteristically emotional displays. Hey, all technology does quirky stuff.  But it’s pretty safe to say Coach B probably won’t be the first choice for keynote speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show.

h/t: TechCrunch