There Will Be a Cubs World Series Movie, and Bill Murray Might Play Joe Maddon

Could there be a more obvious choice?


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After 108 years of misery and ineptitude, the Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series last year. No one was happier about it than Bill Murray, the Cubs super fan who’s become so synonymous with the team that he’s basically the mascot. 

Now Murray is going to have a chance to live it all over again in director Shane Abbess’ upcoming film Teammate. The movie, which is based on a book by former catcher David Ross, will tell the story of the Cubs long-awaited World Series win and Murray is reportedly in talks to play manager Joe Maddon.

It’s an obvious role for Murray for a lot of reasons. For starters, he’s a Cubs diehard and would no doubt hate to miss out on a role in this movie. Also, there’s the physical resemblance.

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Lastly, there are the personalities similarities. Like Murray, Maddon is an oddball known for his eccentricities. The Pennsylvania-native has brought some much needed levity to baseball since landing the job as the Rays skipper in 2006. He brought that playfulness, along with a deep understanding of the game, to the Cubs in 2015.

Clearly, if there’s anyone in sports Murray should be playing, it’s Maddon.