Former Indiana Hoops Player Says Bobby Knight Disciplined Team By Squeezing Their Testicles

What the hell?


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Legendary Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight hasn’t led the Hoosiers in 16 years, but that doesn’t mean we’ve heard all the stories about his reign of terror in Bloomington. 

The latest allegations come from former player Todd Jadlow, who’s written a book about spiraling into addiction after playing basketball under Knight. But Jadlow’s revelations about Knight’s bullying that are getting the most attention and it’s not hard to see why.

The most salacious detail is that Knight made a habit out of grabbing his players by their testicles and squeezing. Those are the only details provided in an interview with an Indianapolis TV station, but the rest of the story makes it easy to imagine what Knight was up to. The guy was a bully and he was trying to humiliate and inflict pain on his players.

In addition to the gonad grabbing, Knight allegedly punched players in the back of the head, broke clipboards over their skulls, repeatedly pegged one player with tampons and made players run sprints while barking like dogs.

“If he did those things today,” Jadlow told WTHR, “[Knight] would be in jail.”

Somehow though, the guy does not hate Knight for his abusive behavior. “I’m a Knight guy, I’m proud to have played for him and love him like a father; let’s not mistake that,” he said. “But this was the life we led when we were playing for him.”

Knight hasn’t yet responded to Jadlow’s allegations, but when he does don’t expect much more than shrug. This stuff might sound like ground for firing to you, but to a guy like Knight it’s no big deal.


Adam K. Raymond