A Rapper Stole a Dallas Cowboys Receiver’s Pitbull and Demanded a $20,000 Ransom

This might be the weirdest sports story of the year.


It’s not often that a story about an unknown rapper and a little used NFL player deserves your attention, but this one does.

It involves Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead and his pit bull, Blitz. The dog, Whitehead wrote on Instagram, was stolen while he was out of town.


And who had Blitz? A Dallas-area rapper calling himself Boogotti Kasino, who posted this video on Instagram over the weekend. In the video, which might take a couple watches to fully understand, he seems to demand $20,000 for the dog’s return. 


After being accused of stealing the dog, Boogotti made another video insisting that his brother actually bought the dog from someone who obviously had no right to sell it. He wasn’t demanding ransom, he said. He just wanted his bro’s money back. 


So this was either a big misunderstanding, or Boogotti got creative after he realized how dumb it was to dognap a pit bull and then put a video admitting the crime on Instagram. 

Thankfully, this bizarre saga has a happy ending. The dog was returned to Whitehead and Boogotti got some more views on his YouTube channel. Everybody wins.