Watch This Bowling God Destroy the Perfect 300 Game in Just 76 Seconds

What a beast.

Less than two months after the world record was set for the fastest perfect bowling game, it has already been smashed by a New Jersey bowler who would put anyone in the classic movie Kingpin to shame. 

In the truly jaw-dropping video above, 23-year-old Tim Emery hits strike after strike last Friday as he rips through 12 perfect frames in just 75.9 seconds. Talk about life in the fast lane. 

The previous record was set on April 5 by 23-year-old Ben Ketola on when he bowled 12 strikes in 12 frames in 86.9 seconds, a feat that’s also insanely impressive. uploaded a side-by-side comparison of the two incredible bowling feats in which you can see Emery start to pull away from Ketola at around the fifth frame. After frame ten, both run back to the first and second lanes to bowl the final two frames. 

Ketola had previously told that his next goal was to “set up all spares on the lanes and see how fast I can make those.” 

Before he does, the state of New York would probably appreciate it if he’d shave 11 seconds off his speed run and reclaim the record. 

Keep your mind in the gutter, guys. 

h/t: Bro Bible