Watch This Boxer's Uncle Viciously Sucker Punch The Loser After a Fight

What a cheap shot.
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Jose Uzcategui knocked out Andre Dirrell during their WBA super middleweight title fight Saturday, but it was a late hit. Uzcategui was immediately disqualified, of course, and that was it, justice done, right? Not as far as Dirrell's uncle Leon Lawson Jr. was concerned. 

That's Lawson in the video above. He delivered a pretty solid bare-fisted left to Uzcategui before his right just missed and all hell broke loose. USA Today reported that Lawson's punch set off a straight-up ringside brawl in the theater at Washington's MGM National Harbor, and eventually Prince George's County police had to intervene to cool everyone down.

According to USA Today, Dirrell issued a statement soon after in which he said he was "sorry for what my coach has done." Lawson, he said, "is my family, my uncle, and he was worried." 

"He cares for me," concluded Dirrell, "He loves me. Please forgive him."

Though the judges reportedly had Uzcategui ahead in the scoring, the late-hit disqualification made Dirrell the IBF's new interim super middleweight champ. 

So he got the belt, but Uncle Leon is a wanted man, facing charges of assault in both the first and second degrees once the Prince George's County PD catches up with him.

h/t USA Today

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