Cannabis Brand Peddles ‘Night Night Nate’ Marijuana Pack Inspired By Nate Robinson

It’s a low blow.

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The memes spawned by Jake Paul’s viral knockout of Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr. undercard have inspired a jokey new cannabis pack, and the former NBA star’s team apparently isn’t happy about it. 

Hypebeast reports that images of a marijuana pack dubbed “Night Night Nate” began circulating on social media. The product, which depicts Robinson’s unconscious body, was shared numerous times the by “#SpingKing @azianwitswag” on Twitter. 

That same account also posted and retweeted a screencap of an apparent cease and desist letter from someone identified as the “Business Manager of Nate Robinson.”

“It has come to my attention that you have been using Nate Robinson’s likeness to promote your Fat Lyfe Stickers,” the screencap reads. “Nate nor my company has consented to the use of their likeness for this merchandise. 

“We hereby put you on notice to immediately: 1) cease and desist from using Nate Robinson [sic] likeness to promote your brands; and 2) refrain from using Nate Robinson’s name or likeness for any current of [sic] future brand merchandise. Nate Robinson reserves all rights to take all legal steps and to pursue all available remedies as may be necessary to protect his interests. We look forward to hearing from you.”

The “@azianwitswag” Twitter account also tweeted a “fixed” image of a different bag design. Robinson’s body still appears in the foreground, but behind him is a bottle of cough syrup with the phrases “Night Night,”  “Extra Strength Knockout,” and “Jake Paul” on the label. 

On December 2, the altered bag was reportedly still available on the Fat Lyfe Stickers webstore under the product label “Jake” in eighth, quarter-, ounce- and pound-volumes for $60 to $1,500.

Despite being the butt of internet jokes, Robinson is taking his loss in stride, sharing classy Instagram posts thanking his team and NBA teammates for supporting him.

Floyd Mayweather has also come out swinging in support of Robinson in the wake of the former NBA Slam Dunk champion’s knockout loss, sharing a post of Robinson on Instagram and saying he was “proud” of his pal, no matter what.

As some fight commentators have already noted, you don’t “play” boxing, and Robinson deserves respect for being bold enough to lace up the gloves in the first place.