Britt McHenry Rips Eagles’ Chris Long for Donating His $1 Million Salary to Charity

Her attack came after he criticized the NFL’s new national anthem policy.

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Britt McHenry, the former ESPN reporter who’s found a second act as a conservative political personality, ripped Philadelphia Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long Thursday for donating his $1 million salary to charity. 

Sounds like it would be tough to do, right? Not for someone as full of misplaced rage as McHenry. 

Her attack on Long came after he criticized the NFL’s new national anthem policy. The new policy isn’t about patriotism, Long tweeted, but about cash. “This is fear of a diminished bottom line,” he wrote.

McHenry first ripped Long for pandering and seeking publicity, a topic about which she would know a lot. 

Then she brought up something that would seemingly be pretty hard to attack: Long’s donation of his base salary from 2017. All told, Long gave away $1 million last year to fund scholarships and bolster education non-profits in Charlottesville, his home town, and St. Louis, Boston and Philadelphia, the three cities in which he’s played. 

The way McHenry sees it, Long, who’s made tons of money throughout his career, is buying good publicity for $1 million. Why would he need good publicity? She doesn’t seem to have thought about that.

McHenry could have avoided this foot-in-mouth moment if she would have asked herself a simple question: How many athletes who are as rich as Long have also given $1 million to charity? It’s a short list. But she didn’t ask herself that question, so people let her know how dumb her take was.

McHenry must have seen some of these tweets, because she later responded with an acknowledgment that “every donation is a good donation.”