Joel Embiid and Dwyane Wade Fire Back at Sixers GM Who Reportedly Made Fake Twitter Accounts to Trash Players

This is the weirdest NBA story of the year.

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The wildest NBA story of the year broke on Tuesday when The Ringer published a lengthy investigation into a handful of Twitter accounts allegedly maintained by Philadelphia 76ers GM Bryan Colangelo. 

The accounts were used to bash players, reveal previously-unreported insider information and defend Colangelo’s penchant for weird shirt collars, among other things. 

One tweet called former Sixers center Nerlens Noel a “selfish punk.” Another revealed information about a knee injury and failed physical by former Sixers center Jahlil Okafor. A handful of tweets bashed former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie and one remarked that Colangelo “is a class act.”

Colangelo has denied being behind all but one of the accounts, which just so happens to be the only one that didn’t tweet. But his team appears to be taking the story seriously. “The allegations are serious and we have commenced an independent investigation into the matter. We will report the results of that investigation as soon as it is concluded,” the team said in a statement.

After the story broke, some of the players attacked by the accounts linked to Colangelo responded. Joel Embiid, the budding Sixers superstar, was called a “toddler,” criticized for hiding an injury from the team and torched for dancing at a Meek Mill concert while he was banged up. “Too bad that Embiid danced like a fool and the whole disaster happened, next time he will think twice before mocking his team,” a tweet said. 

Embiid, a much more skilled Twitter user than Colangelo, responded like this:

One of the Colangelo-linked accounts also took a shot at the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade. Here’s the relevant bit from The Ringer’s story. 

In two responses to a February 2017 tweet from actress Gabrielle Union, who pointed out that Tom Brady didn’t visit the White House when Barack Obama was president, Eric jr went on the attack. ‘I sat NEXT to you and [Dwyane Wade] at Beijing Olympics and saw you both being rude nasty to little kid fan,’ the account said. ‘Had to eat yr pizza. … You showed no respect to this little kid, who are you to stand on high grounds? Never looked at DW the same after that.’ During the 2008 Olympics, Jerry Colangelo, then the managing director of the U.S. men’s national basketball team, was in Beijing. “

Both Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union responded, letting Colangelo know that she didn’t even go to the Olympics in 2008.