Smokeshow Daughter of Milwaukee Bucks Owner Just Destroyed Bill Simmons on Twitter

Mallory Edens’ tweets are as fiery as her Instagram bikini pics.

Mallory Edens, the daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens first popped up on our radar during the NBA Draft lottery a few years ago. It’s not really a mystery why.

But there’s more to Mallory than good looks. She’s also a sharp-tongued woman doesn’t suffer fools, like the reporter who referred to her as a “trophy daughter” in 2015. 

Now Mallory’s back with some more Twitter shaming and this time it’s directer at former ESPN host Bill Simmons. On Wednesday, the NBA junkie tweeted about the Bucks general manager vacancy and linked back to a 2008 ESPN piece in which he made the case to run the team. 

Edens, apparently, thought this was dumb, perhaps because Simmons’ article included cliche sausage and Miller Lite jokes. So she responded by wryly making fun of Simmons for getting shit-canned by the World Wide Leader. 

Gotta say, we didn’t have a favorite NBA owner’s daughter this time last week. But now we do.