You Might Choke Up Watching This Emotional, Cubs-Inspired Budweiser Ad

They somehow turned it around overnight.

After 108 years the Chicago Cubs finally broke the curse and won the World Series, and they did it in a nailbiter of a 7th game, to boot. Naturally the city of Chicago went bananas with joy over the victory, and that master of stone-faced zen, Bill Murray, was at the forefront

Cubs announcer Harry Caray would’ve been happier than anyone, but he died in 1998. So, in a flash, Budweiser elected to put together the spot above, celebrating the win and Caray’s never-say-never spirit. 

For baseball fans in general—and certainly for Cubs fans who remember Caray and his passion for the team—this is two intensely emotional minutes, using only audio clips from games the jovial announcer called during his 16 years as the voice of the team.

It’s hard to say much more about the spot. Just grab a beer and—if no one’s looking—a couple of tissues, because it might get a little dusty wherever you are.