Someone Threw a Sex Toy on The Field During The Bills-Patriots Game

We have questions.

The New England Patriots faced off against the Buffalo Bills in New York Sunday. The game did not go well for the Bills. By the 3rd quarter the Pats were ahead, 31-17, and disgruntled fans were hurling dildos at the players. 

It’s not like viewers could mistake what they saw, either. But for anyone who wasn’t sure, here’s the slo-mo.

While it’s a natural reaction to find such a bizarre moment hilarious, no one laughing considered the plight of the poor referee who had to retrieve the marital aid.

Or maybe they did, since the refs are only well-liked when they’re calling the game in your team’s favor. 

Obviously, football fans had a lot of fun with the incident on social media.

Anything can happen on any given Sunday, apparently. 

This will be a really embarrassing trip to the Ralph Wilson Stadium “Lost & Found” for someone. We’d just like to know where they concealed the thing when going through security.

Then again, maybe we wouldn’t.