Watch This Bullfighter Get Savagely Gored Through The Throat In His Bullfighting Debut

You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Daniel García Navarrete
Photo: Getty Images/Europa Press

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Just a week after a Mexican matador had his rectum ripped to shreds by the horns of a royally pissed-off bull, a young Spanish bullfighter met a similarly gory fate after his beastly opponent rammed one of its horns through his throat. 

Watch the graphic spectacle above, if you got the cajones.

23-year-old Daniel García Navarrete was making his professional bullfighting debut at Spain’s biggest bullring in Madrid when things went horribly awry.  

The clip shows the 1;000-pound horned beast throwing Navarrete to the ground before he’s gored beneath the chin and trampled. 

The horrified screams of audience members in attendance at the Las Ventas stadium can be heard in the background as the announcer narrates the bloody spectacle.

A photographer with Europa Press captured the harrowing moment up-close. 

Photo: Europa Press/Getty Images
Photo: Europa Press/Getty Images

After first being treated at the bullring’s infirmary for what was originally thought to be a single entry wound, doctors at the Hospital San Francisco of Assisi concluded that Navarrete had actually been gored twice through the neck and twice through the jaw. 

The Daily Mail reports that one wound was 8 inches deep, and another six-inch-deep wound penetrated the roof of his mouth and the base of his tongue.  

Photo: Europa Press/Getty Images

The hospital’s surgeons deemed his prognosis “serious” and rushed to perform an emergency procedure.  

Additionally, the incident also resulted in severed sciatic nerves and a fractured collarbone, as well as multiple cuts and bruises. 

Navarrete remains in critical condition, but frankly, he’s damn lucky to be alive.