Cam Newton Made a Dumb, Sexist Remark to a Female Reporter, And Twitter Is Absolutely Roasting Him

The Panthers QB is surprised that a female football reporter understands football.


Getty Images

Cam Newton has been in the NFL for six years now. Before that, he played major college football for three years. By now, you’d think, he would know that women are capable of understanding football as well as men. That’s especially true of women who are paid to talk and write and analyze the game. 

But Newton remains unaware that genitals do not dictate one’s football knowledge, as he showed in a Wednesday press conference. Asked a question by Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue, the Panthers quarterback responded with astonishment that a “female” would talk about “routes.”

That’s not a good look and Rodrigue was the first to call out Newton.

According to a statement from the Panthers, Newton “expressed regret” over the comment. Rodrigue says that she sought out Newton after the presser and “did not apologize.”

So, where does leave us? One of the NFL’s most popular players laughed at the idea of a woman understanding basic “routes” and now he’s getting roasted on the internet.