WWE Star CJ Perry AKA ‘Lana’ Shares Exclusive Swimsuit Photos

The “Ravishing Russian” is back and better than ever.

Camilo Rios

In January of 2021 on the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view card, CJ Perry—known by fans simply as “Lana” or the “Ravishing Russian”—exacted vengeance on Nia Jax in a triumphant post-injury return to the premiere professional wrestling organization. And she’s celebrating her return to the ring by sharing these exclusive swimsuit photos.

Mégane Claire

Jax had previously suffered an MCL tear in her left knee and a non-displaced radial head fracture of her left elbow after being attacked by Jax at WWE Raw in December of 2020, according to Wrestling Inc.

Mégane Claire

While she didn’t win the the recent battle royale-style match outright, Lana did dish out much-deserved retribution by eliminating Jax from the chaotic event, thereby putting herself in contention for the title.

Her future as Lana in the ring looks bright—her No. 1 professional and personal goal is to become a champion. But the real-life Perry keeps busy with a bevy of activity elsewhere in the business.

Mégane Claire

Capitalizing on popularity garnered as a star on Total Divas Season 6, 7, and 8, Perry has landed a role in the upcoming Bruce Willis-led sci-fi movie Cosmic Sin, as well as partnerships with red-hot brands like Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova.

Mégane Claire

“The sports and entertainment industry is a marathon. I have seen so many people come and go,” she says of her busy lifestyle. “But it’s the consistency to do whatever it takes and work hard when no one is looking that in the long run will make all the difference.”

“That’s the hardest part of the job. Persevering and continuously working hard even when being shut down and being told no. Finding a path that is so undeniably compelling that no one can deny you.”

Continue to celebrate her success with these “ravishing” selections from Perry’s Instagram feed below: