Watch Fedor Emelianenko Get Destroyed by Matt Mitrione in Weirdest Knockout Ever at Bellator NYC

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen also defeated longtime rival Wanderlei Silva.

Bellator 180 delivered with at least half its main event in New York City on Saturday. Sure, Chael Sonnen took down Wanderlei Silva by unanimous decision and played the heel as usual. That was kind of predictable.

That would’ve been the story of the night but for the way the fight on the co-featured match between Matt Mitrione and Fedor Emelianenko ended — with an almost comic double knockout. Seriously, you have to watch the video above to believe it happened.

Silva vs. Sonnen was never going to be some walk in the park. There was bad blood between the fighters going back to Sonnen’s mouthing off about Silva’s home country, Brazil. Silva was out to do some pounding.

Sonnen had been having trouble in recent fights, but Silva was coming off a four-year break. The outcome seemed inevitable, and Sonnen took Silva to the mat in round one.

The second round was a clench and hold-fest, yet it was still clearly going in Sonnen’s favor. At the beginning of round 3 Silva delivered a solid right and generally was working to grab some dominance, but there really wasn’t any question as to who won, in the end. Sonnen simply outscored his opponent.

Sonnen was already angling for his next opponent at the end of the fight, shouting out Fedor Emelianenko, who’d lost his earlier match to Matt Mitrione in such weird fashion.

Emelianenko was favored in his match with Mitrione — he’s a powerhouse heavyweight with great tactical skill. Then he and Mitrione had the confrontation that will go in “weird MMA” highlight reels if anyone ever makes one: both men landed huge punches at the same time and flattened each other.

Mitrione simply recovered from the bizarro double connection faster than Emelianenko and topped things off with a little ground ‘n pound. He won with a knockout.

Really, the double knock-down was probably the most interesting moment of the night. 

However Sonnen did inject a little bit of a WWE feeling when he said, “As I look around this arena, all I could think to myself is, ‘God damn, I hate New York.'” 

The crowd didn’t like that. “I made Tito Ortiz tap out in less than a minute,” continued Sonnen, “When it comes to you Fedor Emelianenko, I only need one shot.” 

So that may be where the next chapter in what is hopefully Sonnen’s farewell tour. 

We’re pretty sure that if it does happen, fans would be much happier if Sonnen ended up eating canvas like he did the last time he went up against Tito Ortiz.