America’s Most Notorious Strip Club Tweets Inspirational Message to Atlanta Falcons Fans

“They’re still #1 in our hearts.”

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Photo: Getty/Alvarez

If you’re an Atlanta Falcons fan, we know you’re hurting right now. But you’re not alone— so is Atlanta’s “finest” strip club. 

Following the Falcon’s gut-wrenching loss to the New England Patriots during the first ever overtime period in Super Bowl history, the southern city’s infamously dive-y Clermont Lounge strip club tweeted out a heartfelt inspirational message in support of their team. 

Given that they blew a 21-0 lead, one would be reasonable in expecting a swarm of vitriolic hate directed at Georgia’s only NFL team. But not the Clermont. Even with their down ‘n dirty reputation, they’re above stooping to overtly harsh criticism and instead elected to keep things positive. 

And by the way, we’re not kidding when we say “down ‘n dirty.” See the Yelp reviews below…

Staci T gave it “five stars because Clermont Lounge delivers on what it promises. This is a super dive, I think everyone has to go once. All of the tips on yelp were great. It’s extremely smoky, all cash, and you are going to see some sh*t!” 

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Andi P. also gave it five stars, saying “…good lord, we need more places like this. Scratch that. One is enough. But I can’t deny it’s pretty infectious. Probably not the best choice of words there…”

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