The Cleveland Cavaliers Suspended J.R. Smith For Throwing a Bowl of Soup at an Assistant Coach

What a waste of good soup.

J.R. Smith
JR Smith

Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith apparently has a thing for throwing liquids on people. 

He doused a Vegas bottle service babe with champagne after the Cavs won the NBA championship in 2016. That wasn’t super controversial. It was a celebration and she seemed okay with it. Apparently his team isn’t okay with him throwing soup at coaches, though.

That’s not suggestive at all

According to a report from ESPN, Smith was suspended for a single game last Thursday for pasting assistant coach Damon Jones with soup and not even giving him oyster crackers. 

ESPN cited “multiple sources with knowledge of the incident” to support the claim. Smith was back on the court Friday, and while head coach Tyronn Lue wouldn’t say much about the incident, he did reportedly say he’d discussed it with Smith. 

Obviously, social media users had a lot of (pretty damn hilarious) fun at Smith’s expense.

There are reports that immediately after Coach Jones got a faceful of Minestrone or whatever the Cavs hired a new nutritionist—one whose face might be familiar from his stint on Seinfeld.

Soup Nazi from Seinfeld

Again, those reports have not been confirmed. (And are untrue, we just made them up.)

h/t ESPN