Conor McGregor Is Convinced He Could Destroy Floyd Mayweather in a Rematch

"With the lessons I learned from that first fight, if I had another go now, I’d get him."
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Mayweather vs. McGregor

Mayweather vs. McGregor... 1?

Just when we thought he was heading back to the UFC an even wealthier man than before, Conor McGregor raises the idea of a Mayweather vs. McGregor II

Speaking to Scottish fans, the UFC champ sounded like he'd thought it through enough to be serious. Journalist Pete Carroll reported McGregor's comments while live-tweeting the event.

In a an article for, Carroll followed up with a full McGregor quote:

“I know if I went another go with him, under boxing rules, I’d get that win. I know that. I know by the feeling of him in the first fight.

“He had to change his whole approach. He fought completely different than he ever fought. He couldn’t figure out what I was doing early on.

“With the lessons I learned from that first fight, if I had another go now, I’d get him. At the same time, he’s 50-0 and he’s getting on, I’m not gonna start calling him out. I’m happy to see a fighter (do well).”

McGregor reportedly also addressed a possible December 30 match against Nate Diaz, to make their face-offs into a trilogy.

Otherwise the Notorious One seemed like he was in fine form.

Whatever happens with future matches, it seems clear that McGregor is having one hell of a good time between matches just tossing back vodka and ginning up publicity with ease. 

Learned a lot from this. (Getty Images)

Learned a lot from this. (Getty Images)

Will Mayweather take the bait? We'll have to just wait and see.

h/t Uproxx, MMA Fighting