Conor McGregor Is In A Real-Life Feud With Some Creepy Clowns

“If one came near me I would slap the head off one.”

Conor McGregor may be a wealthy, global MMA star but not even he is immune to creepy clowns. In a recent interview with the Lad Bible, the UFC’s featherweight champ was asked if he’s ever seen some idiot walking around in a clown mask and what he’d do if they messed with him. 

“Yeah I’ve seen people dressing up as clowns or something. If one came near me I would slap the head off one. I mean you see one jumping out in front of you screaming in your face, I’d slap the head off him. I’d take the mask off him and stick it up his ass.”

Eloquent, as always.

As you might imagine, the creepy clown community was not happy to hear this. A professional clown in Ireland has released a video calling out McGregor and inviting him to a place called The Asylum for a good old fashion scaring.

“I bet you won’t come down for five minutes. We’ll scare the life out of you,” he says in a video. 

It should be noted that The Asylum is a haunted house in Ireland and this is essentially a commercial for the place. And it’s a smart one! It might actually work too. McGregor’s ego is so big that even this nobody at a little haunted house in nowhere Ireland might be able to draw him out. 

If nothing else, let’s hope Eddie Alvarez takes note of this. We fully expect to see him at UFC 205 wearing a clown mask into the cage.