Conor McGregor Ex-Sparring Partner Fires Back, Says UFC Star ‘Whimpers Like a Girl’ When Punched


Floyd Mayweather might enjoy the hell out of this. 

After Conor McGregor’s photographer released some photos of the UFC champ pounding him in a sparring match, boxer Paulie Malignaggi understandably quit and left McGregor’s camp. Now he and McGregor are having a war of words, and Malignaggi just landed a potent verbal right hook.

The Daily Mail reports that Malignaggi has said—via Twitter—that he’ll soon “start to discuss a bit what happened” when he left McGregor’s camp, and that the UFC dual titleholder “whimpers like a girl when he gets ripped to the body.”

Malignaggi indicated that he didn’t think McGregor was prepared to handle 12 rounds against the undefeated Mayweather, partly because MMA fighters “don’t throw to the body much.” 

The Mail reported that Malignaggi agreed with the suggestion he’d been made to “look stupid” and said that on reflection, “there was definitely an agenda” in McGregor’s training camp, “beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

That agenda might just be for McGregor to get paid. Regardless of the fight’s result, he’ll still go home a multi-millionaire.

Malignaggi is understandably pissed, but in the end, he’s not the one on the big card on August 26th. 

Those will be the only punches that matter.

h/t Daily Mail