Conor McGregor Fans Are Allegedly Harassing the Hell Out of Floyd Mayweather's Instagram Smokeshow Girlfriend

Not cool.

Floyd Mayweather has reportedly been dating British Instagram smokeshow Abigail Clarke. It's relevant that she's in the UK because Mayweather will famously face Irishman Conor McGregor on August 26 in Vegas for a show match, UFC star vs. boxing great, and a lot of McGregor fans walk the streets of London.

The news that Clarke, a fitness model, has been seeing Mayweather seriously enough to fly to the US on a regular basis has allegedly prompted some McGregor fans to launch a truly intimidating campaign of harassment, reports the Daily Star.

Clarke, who goes by Abi, "is genuinely worried about her safety," an anonymous confidant told the Star. "There are concerns that the worst could happen if things get out of control."

In fact, the Star reports the "out of control" phase may have already begun. Clarke allegedly received the unwanted gift of a brick through a window at her residence. It was festively wrapped with a note reading, "Fuck the Mayweathers." 

One of her friends told the Star that experience "was horrific" and Clarke was "understandably shaken by what happened."

“When neighbors went round to offer support," the friend reportedly said, Clarke "was having a panic attack...It had all come out of nowhere and she didn’t know what to make of it. She was sobbing and shaking."

Oddly, Clarke also apparently "doesn’t see the point" in reporting these incidents to the police. The Star's source said she has "been to them before when being harassed and the explanation always was that she’s in the public eye, so there’s nothing they can do about it."

That sounds like a lousy excuse if the harassment is aggressive enough to lead to bricks through windows. 

Clarke certainly doesn't deserve this kind of treatment. Her Instagram shows that she's an impressive woman and can probably take care of herself, but no one needs to put up with violence based on who they date.

Then again, Mayweather has exes who might say he's potentially a threat equal to any McGregor-loving hooligan shouting in the street. 

Check out some shots from Abi Clarke's Insta below. And be nice to her.