Conor McGregor Has Had It With Fans Stopping Him For Selfies

The Notorious One doesn’t seem like a patient man.

Hot tip for wasting the time and invading the space of a man noted for his fighting ability and hot temper: maybe don’t. Of course that tip comes too late for the Conor McGregor fan seen in the video above.

The guy taking the video reportedly approached McGregor as the UFC champ was sitting with his pregnant girlfriend Dee Devlin in one of his many supercars somewhere near Manchester in the U.K. As seen in the video, the fan gave the fighter a friendly-enough greeting, but it didn’t take long at all for the fighter to reach out and try to snatch the phone away.

Remarkably the fan managed to hop away just in time and McGregor’s window was closed and he was gone. 

To the unnamed fan’s credit, he seemed to find the whole thing funny and exciting. And in McGregor’s defense, he reportedly was more than willing to take photos with fans at a restaurant later that day. 

Still, it probably wouldn’t have been nearly as amusing to the guy making the video if McGregor had managed to get the phone away—it’s not like anyone in their right mind would fight the guy to get it back.

h/t The Sun