Conor McGregor Says Floyd Mayweather is 'Afraid of Fighting'

The UFC star wants Mayweather to stop talking and do something.
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Another Conor McGregor interview, another round of smack talk regarding a future fight with retired boxing champ Floyd Mayweather

Of course, McGregor has a lot to say about everything, including the creepy clown craze (he told LAD Bible he'd "slap the head off of one" and "pull the mask off and stick it up his arse..."), so this is in keeping with what anyone who's followed the often silly and possibly pointless McGregor-Mayweather back-and-forth about a matchup for a while. 

In a Facebook live interview with LAD Bible, McGregor went hard at Mayweather. "Floyd is afraid of fighting," he told LAD Bible, "Floyd doesn't want to fight. Floyd wants a boxing match. And I've already said ‘No problem. Get my fucking money!' And when he gets my money, then we can box in this boxing match."

McGregor got a little wound up as he went on, later saying, "[If] you keep dropping my name and you haven't got my money, then I am going to show up at your front door. So we will see. But Floyd does not want to fight me. Floyd wants a match under a specific set of rules. I don't need rules. So I'm open. Let's see what happens." 

We won't hold our breath for this match to ever take place, but there is something comforting in Conor McGregor's endless supply of smack talk, even if it's made him pretty unpopular among his peers. We hope he never changes. 

h/t LAD Bible, MMA Mania