This Ultra-Violent Video Shows What an MMA Fight Between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Would Actually Look Like

Spoiler alert: It does NOT end well for Mayweather.


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As soon as Floyd Mayweather put the finishing touches on his 10th round TKO of Conor McGregor, fans of the humbled Irishman began making excuses for his inability to deliver on his brash promise of a first round knockout

The argument made more than any other was that if the two fighters got into the Octagon, McGregor’s preferred venue for ass kicking, the results would be much much different. And they’re almost certainly right. McGregor is an MMA fighter. Mayweather is a boxer. And a UFC fight between these two would likely be over before McGregor broke a sweat. 

Still, it probably wouldn’t’ look as one-sided as the video above of the fantasy contest, which imagines Mayweather as more of a punching bag then a fleet-footed boxer. But given McGregor’s success using kicks and elbows in the UFC, the violent results may not be too far off from how it would actually go down. 

McGregor, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be hung up on the results of last Saturday’s fight. He spent the weekend at a childhood friend’s wedding in Ibiza, still sporting a black eye.

But the 29-year-old UFC superstar did experience at least a moment of humility after his first pro boxing match, which we now know because it was captured on film. It came just after he was greeted by his mother, longtime girlfriend and their son in the locker room. 

That’s when UFC president Dana White approached and McGregor delivered a heartfelt apology for losing to one of the greatest boxers of all time.

McGregor: “I’m sorry man.”
White: “Sorry?”
McGregor: “Yea.”
White: “Dude I’m ecstatic. Very, very fucking badass! I am telling you, you’re unbelievable!”

The video of McGregor’s apology is interesting because it’s so rare to see him look even a little vulnerable. He’s all swagger and that’s how he likes to be known.

But it’s not surprising to see him feel a little ashamed after talking mountains of trash and losing to a guy who claims to have barely trained. The only surprise is that he let it get caught on camera.