Watch Conor McGregor Team Up With Jon Lovitz In This Hilarious Horse Racing Commercial

Turns out the UFC bad boy has a pretty good sense of humor…–fQDm8c

Conor McGregor has once again shaken up the world of sports by announcing a bold new venture: he’s going to become a jockey, and he’ll by trained by comic actor Jon Lovitz. 

Which, okay, isn’t true at all, because it’s obvious in the video above that it’s all shtick. The spot is actually a commercial promoting the Pegasus World Cup Horse Race, which happens in February and which Rolling Stone reports is the “richest thoroughbred” race in the world. 

The video is just a tease, RS reports, for a series of comedy shorts which will depict McGregor in the process of learning how to be a jockey. The videos will reportedly be released over social media in the run up to the Pegasus.

We’re nearly as surprised that Conor is willing to have fun with his image and do some comedy as we might be if he actually did go into horse racing. Then again, the guy who can rattle off sick burns against opponents like this definitely might be just fine sharing screen time with a comedy stalwart like Lovitz. 

What could be next, a Comedy Central Roast? Only if Conor participates as a roaster. No comedian in their right minds would want to face him after talking about his mom for 5 minutes. 

h/t Rolling Stone