Conor McGregor Cuts Fighter in Media Day Brawl, Dana White Says He May Be Barred From UFC

“This is the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened in the history of the company.”

Conor McGregor smash! 

Though the MMA megastar isn’t on the UFC 223 bill, he still showed up for media day to wreak havoc. 

In one video, he can be seen heaving a metal security gate at a van carrying lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

Strawweight Felice Herrig, who’s scheduled to face Polish fighter Karolina Kawalkiewicz on Saturday, recorded a second video from inside the van in which McGregor breaks another window with a metal trashcan.

At the end of the clip, fighter Michael Chiesa can be heard saying, “Am I cut bad? I don’t want to touch my face.” 

Dana White then revealed in a Facebook video that Chiesa is currently hospitalized, and that other injuries were sustained by UFC employees. 

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“This is the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened in the history of the company. There is a warrant out for Conor McGregor’s arrest. His plane cannot take off. He cannot leave the state of New York.” 

“He’s going to be sued beyond belief,” White added. 

When asked if he was planning on maintaining a professional relationship with McGregor, White said, “Right now, no. Absolutely not.” 

That statement correlates with early, not-yet-confirmed reports that McGregor may be out of the UFC for good. 

Earlier this week, Nurmagomedov confronted fighter Artem Lobov, who trains with McGregor in Dublin. White implies that the media day tussle was a form of retaliation. 

MMA Junkie reports that Lobov has been pulled from the UFC 223 fight card. For McGregor’s part, it looks like he might never get his shot at Nurmagomedov… or any other UFC fighter, for that matter. 

h/t: Uproxx