Conor McGregor’s ‘Date Night’ With Rita Ora Has the Internet Calling Her a Homewrecker

The pop star made an innocent post, then this happened.

It started with an innocent post. Pop star Rita Ora and UFC champion Conor McGregor were sitting at the same table at London’s Fashion Awards. Because in 2017 nothing really happened if it doesn’t go on Instagram, she posted a couple pics of them mugging for the camera. But it wasn’t the picture that drew the attention of the global media. It was the caption.

In no time, McGregor’s fans descended on Ora, lobbing insults at her and reminding her that McGregor has a longtime girlfriend, Dee Devlin, who gave birth to their first child earlier this year.

It wasn’t just McGregor’s fans who called out Ora. His teammate Artem Labov chimed in too. 

The reaction is silly. Yes, Ora’s caption hinted that she and McGregor were romantically involved, but it was a joke. In reality, famous people often take pictures together and sometimes those famous people are of opposite sexes. That doesn’t mean they’re boning. 

In fact, the whole controversy inspired Ora to publicly declare that she’s boning someone else. After months of quietly dating musician Andrew Watt, Ora posted a pic of them together on Wednesday with a caption that echoed the one she put on the McGregor pic.

Guess she’s not a homewrecker after all.