Conor McGregor’s Sister Rocking a Thong On Instagram Just Might Knock You Out

Meet the sexy older sister of the UFC's biggest star.
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Conor McGregor may be world famous, fabulously rich and impeccably dressed, but his older sister Aoife has something that her cocky little bro never will—a really great ass.

The newly married Aoife recently travelled to the Maldives for her honeymoon and she let her Instagram followers share in her celebration by posting this revealing pic.

Congratulations to her. And to us.

We’ve somehow remained unaware of Aoife’s existence, but that has thankfully changed. The blonde lass was married on New Year’s Eve in Enniskerry, Ireland, according to London's The Sun. Her brother was in attendance and he posted a shot of the two of them on his Instagram. 

But it’s Aoife’s Instagram we’re more interested in. Here's why.