Conor McGregor Flexes on Welterweight Tyron Woodley at UFC 205 Weigh-In

Ronda Rousey made her own appearance as well.

Conor McGregor’s almost literary ability with original-sounding smack talk and Ronda Rousey’s fearsome glare have turned the run up to many a UFC bout into rough theater, and it looks like UFC 205 isn’t any different, even though Rousey is not officially back in the Octagon yet. 

McGregor’s contribution to weigh-in theatrics Friday was subtle for him, but unmistakable. The champion featherweight was re-hydrating post weigh-in when he encountered welterweight title holder Tyron Woodley. writes that “Woodley said ‘what’s up?’ to McGregor and McGregor stared him down hard. McGregor did eventually say ‘what’s up?’ back,” and says the situation was “very tense.” 

Woodley explained it from his point-of-view on Twitter, and McGregor, naturally, replied as only he would:

Conor is facing off with Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205 on Saturday for the lightweight belt, and he’s making it clear he wants to go for Woodley’s welterweight crown next in an effort to cop every belt available.

Ronda Rousey isn’t on tap until she fights Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on December 30, 2016. That didn’t stop her from dropping in to get in Nunes’s face on Friday, presumably to stoke anticipation for their match as well as psych out her opponent. 

UFC 205 kicks off Saturday, Nov. 12 on Pay-Per-View. With Conor McGregor in the featured bout, it’ll be anything but boring.