Conor McGregor Just Had The Wildest Weekend Ever, Because These Photos Don’t Lie

The UFC bad boy partied so hard, he’s in  hot water for damaging some dude’s Rolls Royce.

Conor McGregor‘s life is about to change forever.

The 28-year-old UFC champ is weeks away from becoming a father and everyone who has been in his position knows that there’s only one way to prepare for that kind of responsibility: Party like a drunken frat boy in Lake Havasu. 

Except he dresses way, way crazier:

McGregor got TURNT UP last weekend when he began a truly rollicking rager by arriving in Liverpool on a white private jet, and then rolling over to the Grand National, a famous British horse race, in an even whiter Rolls Royce.

After an exhausting day at the races, McGregor hit up the night club Mansion, but not before he was pulled over by police for an undisclosed reason. 

At the club, which was packed with 1,000 of McGregor’s biggest fans, he was mobbed by the adoring crowd.

After sleeping in and nursing himself back to health at the Liverpool Hilton, McGregor hit the clubs again Sunday night.

This time he brought his megawatt star power to Empire, a club in Liverpool’s city center.

Next it was on the home of some random dudes in a place we’ve never heard of called Huyton.

And it’s that picture that actually leads to the most compelling part of this whole story. The car McGregor’s standing on is a rental and the owner of the company who rented it to McGregor is none too happy with his footprints on the hood. 

“He is stood on the car acting like it is his own,” a spokesperson for Platinum Executive Travel told the Liverpool ECHO. “It is not his own.”

According to the ECHO, the company is threatening legal action. We now go to McGregor for this thoughts: