Meet the WWE’s Scariest New Wrestler, ‘Crazy’ Mary Dobson

Get to know this absolute horror show.
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The WWE announced three new additions to its roster on Wednesday and one them is a young lady who we’d like to call your attention to. Her name is “Crazy” Mary Dobson and she’s kind of scary. In its release introducing the wrestlers, the WWE says that the 23-year-old has five years of wrestling experience and has “toured throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe, as well as Japan.”

She’s also got a great gimmick as a horror-loving, scream queen. She’s been known to enter the ring in a Jason Vorhees mask, creepy contacts and face paint. “Crazy” Mary has already performed a few times from the WWE’s developmental brand NXT and this latest announcement has led to broad speculation that she may arrive in the WWE as Bray Wyatt’s as-yet-unseen Sister Abigail. Maybe! But also, maybe not. What’s clear though, is that “Crazy” Mary is one to keep an eye on.

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