Soccer Megastar Cristiano Ronaldo Signs Billion-Dollar Nike Deal

Somehow, the Portuguese star is getting even richer.

Cristiano Ronaldo just might be the luckiest guy in the world. He gets to play a game for a living that is fanatically followed by billions around the world. He seems purpose-built for the sport, with speed and strength never before seen in soccer. He dates supermodels by the handful, thanks to his fame, wealth and good looks. 

And in a case of the rich getting richer (literally), Ronaldo has had a financial week that would make many small countries jealous. Earlier this week Ronaldo, despite already being past his prime, signed a new 5-year contract with Real Madrid that will maintain his status as the world’s highest-paid soccer player. Now, reports have emerged that he has extended his endorsement contract with Nike. 

The 31 year old’s new deal with Nike is rumored to total more than $1 BILLION. Yes, that is the correct spelling. Billion, with a B.

The new deal is supposedly a lifetime partnership, similar to the recent LeBron James-Nike agreement that will also take around ten figures to keep the superstar tied to the sportswear giant for life. 

While enormous, this week’s deals could actually be good value for both Real Madrid and Nike. Ronaldo is a huge marketing draw both on and off the field, and if the boost that an athlete like Steph Curry has given to Under Armour is any indication, Ronaldo could easily prove worthy of such head-spinning earnings.

h/t: FHM