Cristiano Ronaldo Makes a Stupid Amount of Money For His Paid Instagram Posts

This number might make you angry.
Cristiano Ronaldo Promo

We already know the Cristiano Ronaldo made beaucoup bucks last year—93 million of them, to be exact. That's all well and good, as the Real Madrid megastar is ridiculously talented. But the amount he makes off of a single Instagram pic is actually irritating. 

According to data compiled by Hopper, Ronaldo makes approximately $400,000 every time he posts one of these: 

In other words, the man makes enough to buy a house every time he throws on a branded T-shirt snaps a selfie for his 103 million followers. And he doesn't even top "Instagram's Rich List." 

The crown goes to Selena Gomez, who gets a $550,000-check cut every time she posts sponsored content. The Kardashian clan takes four of the ten spots, while Lebron James brings up the rear with a measly $120,000 per post. 

Here's the full list, courtesy of Hopper: 

1. Selena Gomez 
122 million followers, $550,000 per post

2. Kim Kardashian
100 million followers, $500,000 per post

3. Cristiano Ronaldo 
104 million followers, $400,000 per post

4. Kylie Jenner
95 million followers, $400,000 per post

5. Kendall Jenner
81.7 million followers, $370,000 per post

6. Khloe Kardashian 
68 million followers, $250,000 per post

7. Kourtney Kardashian
57.8 million followers, $250,000 per post

8. Cara Delevingne 
40.4 million followers, $150,000 per post

9. Gigi Hadid 
34.7 million followers, $120,000 per post

10. LeBron James 
30.7 million followers, $120,000 per post. 

Even with all that wealth, Ronaldo still can't get a decent bronze bust of his head made properly.  

h/t: Bro Bible