Cristiano Ronaldo Used An Ancient Apple iPod Shuffle in Public, And People Are Loving It

The megarich soccer superstar’s music player is 10 years old.

Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo recently sported the most expensive Rolex ever made and was just named as the second highest-paid athlete of the last decade, but the international soccer icon isn’t too vain to use a 10-year-old MP3 player in public.

TMZ first reported that the Juventus superstar was seen wearing an iPod Shuffle, a device that Apple discontinued in 2017, as he greeted fans before his team’s match with Cagliari Calcio. What’s more, the music player appears to from the 4th Generation, which Apple first released way back in 2010 with a price tag of $49 and a 4GB capacity for storage of up to 1,000 songs. You can currently snatch up a used one online for less than that. 

Business Insider reports that Ronaldo has a net worth of a staggering $450 million. It’s unclear if he clipped the 4GB music player to his stylish fitted suit’s black tie as a goof, or because he really enjoys shuffling through his library without being able to select a specific track.

Whatever the case, eagle-eyed Twitter users sure got a kick out of Ronaldo’s obsolete technology.

Juventus went on to blow out Cagliari 4-0, with three of those goals scored by Ronaldo. Whatever he was jamming to on his antiquated Shuffle clearly pumped him up.