Cristiano Ronaldo’s $2 Million Bugatti Veyron Crashed By His Bodyguard

The 1,200-horsepower hypercar, referred to by Ronaldo as “animal,” was towed from the crash site near a Majorcan resort.

(Left: Getty Images, Right: Bugatti)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Majorca getaway turned into an costly headache when his bodyguard crashed his Bugatti Veyron.

The Daily Mail reported that the Man United soccer star’s $2 million-plus Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse was involved in an accident on the east coast resort of Sa Coma.

The driver’s identity hasn’t been revealed, but they are believed to either Sergio or Jorge Ramalheiro, Portuguese twins who fought with an elite special forces unit in Afghanistan before transitioning to private VIP protection services.

Ronaldo wasn’t in the vehicle, but he did promise to compensate the owner of the house damaged in the crash. As for his 1,200-horsepower hypercar, it was towed from the site in rough condition with substantial damage to the front end.

“The car smashed into a wall but there was only material damage with no-one injured and the driver accepted full responsibility for what happened,” a source told the Daily Mail. “The information about who was behind the wheel and what occurred is registered on a police database and is there for a court or officers to access if any further investigations need to be conducted.”

The world’s third highest-paid athlete copped the roadster version of the ultimate production Veyron in 2016 after the Portuguese national soccer team won the UEFA European Football Championship. At the time, he aptly referred to the quad-turbo, W16-powered whip as an “animal,” per Top Speed.

Fortunately for Ronaldo, he also had his Mercedes-AMG G63 tuned by Brabus shipped to Majorca for the vacay. And while his Veyron is getting out of commission, he still has a $3.1 million Chiron and a $12 million Centodieci at home waiting to satiate his Bugatti fix.