Cubs Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer, Downs it Like a Champ

Anthony Rizzo was impressed.

Cubs Fan Chugs Beer

What’s more American than baseball? Catching a fly ball in your beer… then chugging it like a champ. 

This time around it was a Chicago Cubs fan who partook in the glorious tradition. In the video above, a man sporting his team’s colors used his cup to pluck three-time All Star Anthony Rizzo’s foul out of the air during Monday’s Mets-Cubs game. 

Cheers from the crowd directed Rizzo’s glance towards the stands behind home plate. The slugger watched as the excited spectator tipped his cap, downed his drink and proudly hoisted his beer-soaked prize for all to see. 

It gets even better… well, if you’re a Cubs fan. As USA Today notes, Rizzo proceeded to crush an RBI double just seconds later.

The Cubs went on to win 7-4. We’ll see if another fan gets lucky when the Cubs-Mets series continues tonight.