That Cubs Fan Who ‘Stole’ a Baseball From a Kid in Viral Clip Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Context is everything.

Cubs Fan Promo 2
Video still: Twitter/@Cut4

Every decent person knows that it’s a cardinal sin to steal a baseball from a child at a game. So when video of a Chicago Cubs fan allegedly doing just that surfaced online, the man spent his 15 minutes of fame being the most hated person on earth. Key word: allegedly

The clip in question, above, went viral shortly after the Cubs defeated the Cardinals 7-2 on Sunday. It shows the first-base coach tossing a ball to a young man in the front row. The ball rolls under his seat and into the hands of an adult fan wearing a Cubs jersey who appears to hoist his catch in the air while totally ignoring the kid. 

It looks pretty awful, which is probably why so many Twitter users were quick to deride the man behind the boy with every colorful insult under the sun.

The team even hooked the kid up with a ball signed by star slugger Javier Baez. Note that he’s holding two balls here:    

While everyone was busy making assumptions, Deadspin did some digging and uncovered an entirely different story as told by nearby spectators.

Chuck Mycoff, the man seen wearing a blue jersey in the video, claimed that the second ball the boy’s holding in the photo was given to him earlier in the game by the supposed ball snatcher. Plot twist! 

What’s more, Mycoff says he gave two other trophies away other young fans. 

Another bystander, Jeff Rose, added further details regarding what really went down. 

Rose even added credence to his story by admitting he roots for the Cardinals and has “no reason to defend the Cubs fan.” 

If you’re still skeptical, you should know that Cubs officials confirmed those accounts in an interview with a local reporter. 

As for the ball in the viral video, Mycoff says the “great guy” gave that one away as well. 

As it turns out, this dude is actually the Santa Claus of baseballs. Spread the word.