Watch Danica Patrick End Her Racing Career With a Crash At the Indy 500

“I wish I could have finished stronger.”

Danica Patrick ended her career with bang Sunday. Unfortunately, that bang was her bright green car crashing out of the race in round 68 of the Indy 500

Patrick lost control and her car struck the retaining wall, sliding across the track before stopping in the infield. A medical check-up determined she was uninjured—physically, at least.

Patrick said that her final race “was really disappointing, for what we were hoping for and what you want for your last race,” reported the AFP.  However, she also said she was “…grateful for all of it. I wish I could have finished stronger.” 

She hadn’t been back to Indy since 2011, and it was clearly bittersweet. “It’s an entire career,” she said, “But what really launched it was this, so it’s both of them.” 

Danica Patrick at the Indy 500

Regarding Indianapolis, Patrick said she’s “had a lot of good fortune here and did still have some this month, it just didn’t come on race day.”

An Australian named Will Power (yes, that’s his name) won the race.

What’s next for a pioneer like Danica Patrick? The AFP reports she will likely “her attention to her varied business interests.”

She’s already had the career of a lifetime. Everything else from here should be gravy.