Deion Sanders Mistakes an All-Pro Safety for a Fan on Twitter, Looks Like a Dang Fool

Step away from the keyboard, Deion.

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He may be an NFL legend and and analyst for the NFL Network, but Deion Sanders does not know everything about the NFL.

As the New York Post reports, while opining on the current crop of defensive backs, Primetime claimed Houston’s newest acquisition, Tyrann Mathieu, is “the best safety in the game.”

Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard—who tied for the NFL lead with eight interceptions and was named a first-team All Pro last season—did not agree.

Neon Deion responded thusly, assuming Byard was a fan.

Byard immediately countered.

And continued…

The NY Post continues the torrid tale.

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey and Lions safety Quandre Diggs jumped to Byard’s defense, as did Tennessee’s social team. “We’ll print this out for you,” the Titans posted, to which Byard replied, “No need you guys … It’s already screenshot on my lock screen #Motivation.”

So there you go. Sanders may be one of the greatest cornerbacks to ever play the game, but maybe next time he should take a “secondary” look before sending out any more boneheaded tweets.